Looking fly at mile high

hi 🍁

I took this photo on a recent flight from KDEN. I’m really loving the 3D modelling at Denver. the small details and the custom tower are also great! Great job airport editing team!

2 hours 10 minutes
United A320

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Feeling mysterious today, so here’s a riddle.

I’m not very good at riddles, so bear with me

Riddle me this…

I stand a mile high yet I do not fly;

I may rise high, but I’ll never get to touch the sky,

so day and nigh, I will oversee all those who fly.

What am I?

hint: it’s in the picture

Thanks for viewing! Make sure to message me your answers to the riddle! I have some more shots from this flight that I will be posting on my Instagram, so make sure to give it a visit by clicking on the banner below, thanks!


peace ✌️


You’re an Air Traffic Controller


Please delete, I find this post personally offensive


thanks for viewing! You’re very close, think less human.

@Aviation108 At least I didn’t make an among us joke. 🗿


The control tower.

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Beautiful shots with a ATC tower!

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I think I got this but I don’t want to ruin the fun 😏

Great shot sir!

Great pic!! I agree about the 3D renderings of KDEN, excellent job on the design and details. After living there and flying out of DIA every week for a few years, it’s nice to see it from afar!

I also have a nice pic of Denver