Looking Back

DISCLAIMER: This post was made purely to share my experiences from when since I first got IF to all the way here now, and to see what the communities experiences were as well, this was made to talk with the community and is NOT in any way intended to be a poor topic, Thank You

So Infinite flight, were all the way here now, global flight has been released, the graphics look beautiful (at least from high up) and the planes look amazing. However, sometimes I want to think back to Infinite flight before all this, to when I first started playing and what my experiences were there. To be honest, when I first started playing, the game still had the old sound effects and it was before even the wing view existed. I played the game very casually, me being stupid, I didn’t know how to do an actual flight, I cruised at like 3000 feet and usually crashed with no destination, HOWEVER, I still enjoyed it, this had started a spark for me, and I enjoyed it. I remember all the times I did “Land” I did it in a way Aviation geeks would facedesk so hard there desk would look like it went through a woodchipper. Being right on top of the airport at 30,000 feet and my descend then involved pretty much nosediving downwards towards the runway attempting a landing at I don’t even know what speed anymore. I couldn’t even file a flight plan properly so I would constantly use the “direct to” option and I was always confused why it didn’t send me to runways wich is where I wanted to go. Fast forward to when the wing view gets released, the whole time before that I’ve always wanted a wing view for IF, me watching videos on X-plane 10 at the time did that mostly, anyways wing view comes a long and I finally learn how to land, still could not do a full flight though, but I was getting there, Sometime In the future (I don’t know when) I learned how to do full flights and that made me enjoy the game even more. Fast forward to Live mode’s initial release, to be honest at this point I had stopped playing IF for a while multiple times, but when Live came out for me, it was a new reason to play the game, I hopped online on the casual server and went to the busiest airport at the time in the casual server wich at the time was san Francisco, and I would always fly from that airport to some other random remote airport in the region, and then come back. I would always main the 737, even to this day, for a lot of short haul flights I still use the 737, that is the plane I first used. Anyways not much exiting stuff in between happens except I finally get allowed on the expert server, then get ghosted twice, due to not following some rule, to this day I have no Idea why I got ghosted, I was following all ATC instructions and I do not think I was getting violations, but that is beside the point. Nothing really special happened in between, the new requirement for expert was really hard to get to, 50,000 xp and I was at the XP you needed for grade 2, 1,000 XP so it was a long time of me trying to work towards that and I got pretty close, but I just was not earning enough XP at a time.

Global gets announced

Obviously, I’m excited like everybody was and I don’t really have much else to put in this part so fast forward to globals release, I head on IF and start doing some big flights, this earns me enough XP to finally get to Grade 3. I went to the expert server and on one of my flights (JFK-Dubai) I lost control of my airplane on landing, broke the violation limit, crashed and I was back to grade 2. I got to grade 3 back eventually though. Then again nothing interesting happens from then to now, sometimes I crash and have my soul crushed but you know what that is part of getting better. Now we are here, present-day Infinite flights community is probably WAY bigger then it used to be when I started playing, and everything looks so different to how it originally was, I do not know if you guys remember how the old UI buttons looked or how the old title screen looked it was different but If has come so far and I want to thank everyone for that.

Share your experiences of past iF in the replies below and I will read them.


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