Looking back on time...

New Mexico One leaving gate 122 to I don’t remember LOL :)

737-800 with split scimitar winglets arriving to gate 132 from Bridgeport

A 737 arriving to gate 123 from Indiana

Some Southwest 737s spotted at Orlando Airport last year in my first travel to St. Louis, after passed the inmigration control, my family and I went to the main terminal to check in a SWA flight that departs at 3:25pm, but the staff told us that it was kind of full and that we have more chances to board the other flight that departs at 8:25pm, unfortunately the flight of 3:25pm was full, so we waited 5 hours for the next flight in the terminal, we ate free McDonald’s meal! (restaurant’s promotion by Valentine’s Day, just we had to hug LOL), so I got bored and begun to take photos of some SWA planes in the terminal. Finally at 8:00 I boarded the 737-300 with winglets that took my family and I to STL. Arrived at Lambert at 10:30pm (central time).

Date of the photos: Tuesday February 10th, 2015


When did you take these?


MCO airport airside 2.

I meant like when.

Last year…sorry I didn’t see well the “when” :)


Oh by the way, in the photo of the yellow 737, in the background, is that a nuclear plant?, whenever I visited Orlando, I was always wondering if is that a nuclear plant (the cooling towers with smock).

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Wrong preposition used…

Looking back in* time


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@NatIsrael972 English is not my native language 😒😂

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No worries hahaha

Everybody learns! ;)

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