Looking back at earlier this year

On January 6th I went to founders plaza (KDFW). I looked at some of my pictures and edited it a little bit ,With the help of @Butter_Boi
Registration N735AT

I just had to lighten it up.
Just remember when these baby’s used to come out a lot of KDFW, now there are not that many.

Trying to get the OG but with me lighten it up on planespotters.net any idea how long it takes to get screened?


Gonna beat @Robertine again :)

Great picture!

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bruh why did this one not appear in my notifs?

Did u make it RWA then change to spotting?

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Nope, Made it Spotting to begin with

Planespotters is slow so probably at least 2-3 weeks all the way up to a month.

That…is…backlit…hate to burst your bubble, but it’s probably too grainy and lacking detail for planespotters.net.

What camera did you use? Is it edited?

Ok. It is edited a bit but not much. I used a D500

D500 is totally capable of getting on planespotters. In fact it’s better than what I have lol. I’m just wondering if something’s up with the editing software or the way you’re shooting because my D7500 shares a sensor with your D500 and it doesn’t get anywhere near that much grain and color noise.


here is the photo I uploaded

I used Microsoft thing

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That looks fine quality wise, your editing must be doing something funky

Well that explains it lol I’d get a software

Yeah…that looks much better. Let me throw it in Snapseed for a quick sec and see what I can do with it.

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Snapseed edit - not bad, the backlit really hurts, though.

Edit: IFC quality is not great…

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Thanks @Thunderbolt

Hard to save a photo that backlit, lol. Glad it turned out ok, great photo!

Thanks for the tag!

Thank you very much

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