Looking at past flights

Hello I do not know if this is possible (doubtful it is) but is there a way to look at flight information from a long time ago (like a/c type etc) if we have a flight number?

Just confirming… In IF or IRL?


I had this all ready for if it was IF:

On the home page there is a “logbook” option, click on that… it will show all the previous flights on the account you are logged into. You can see the starting airport and ending airport as well as flight time and aircraft. This isn’t a replay, these are just written “documents” to show all you past flights. On your replay (if you didn’t delete it) you can see more specific things and watch your flight, although the flights in the replay are only After the replay was introduced into IF.
please note this was before I knew it was IRL

in real life ( prob should go in RWA?)

It really depends. I’m not sure how long ago FR24’s Pro lets you look back. However, there may be information on what routes certain aircraft flew at routesonline. You’re more likely to find this information for something like a 748 or A340 than say a 737-300 for example

I know flight radar only lets you go back up to two years but I am looking for seven to eight years back as I would like to find the aircraft type if possible.

I see. What route is it?

multiple. some are DTW-SLC, SLC-SNA, DTW-BOM (and return), SEA-SFO, SFO-SNA

I would like to see if I can complete my flight radar 24 profile if possible

Hmm. It might be harder to find those domestic routes given that some of them may have been operated by multiple aircraft types. And did Delta serve BOM from DTW? I can only find something that says from JFK and ATL

yes they did. I forgot I have flown on the route before

Hmm I’d suggest searching around with some keywords on routesonline.com then. It can be hit or miss

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I have a couple websites that should work.
1: wandr.me/bts/
2: flightera.net

the 1st link only works on domestic flights, but goes all the way back to 1995. The second link works from modern day, to september 2017. I hope you find what you are looking for and keep us informed on the way!

thank you so much my international flights I already have really good idea of what I flew it is the domestic ones I get confused about but this is helping me out thank you once again :)

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