Looking at a new tablet, need input

Why not just get the iPad Pro with your 60 million dollar jet?


I don’t think Apple will have the new iPad range out soon because it’s not even been a year since the generation 2 iPads came out and there was still a large development cost for them. I could be wrong though. I have the air 2 which is great and recently got the 12.9 inch iPad Pro for my birthday after repeatedly asking to not have it as I felt I didn’t need it. Anyway it’s great and I notice it’s much smoother, I rarely fly on my Pro though unless it’s a short flight as I can’t go back to doing other things on my old iPad so I use the pro to keep me entertained. It’s not hard to get used to at all really, after a few flights you will find it alright to use on IF. The iPad 2017 seems like a good option aswell, very good value for money.

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I have the 2016 iPad PRO 9.7 inch
The battery has lasted very well so far. When using YouTube or Netflix the battery can last a long time and while I don’t start a stopwatch, on a full charge it can make an Atlantic hop or so without needing any more juice.
It has no issues running Infinite Flight on maximum graphics however it is a good idea to clear your ram before a long haul or you might get a wee lag on the descent.
I don’t remember the cost but it was around 700 dollars for the 128GB package, I haven’t deleted an app yet and have no issues with storage.

While my device is pretty old, the new iPads are probably even better. I have to say that the screen is perfect, anything bigger than the 10 inch and cents is probably too big for my tastes.

However, if you don’t need a new device ASAP holding out for the rumored one would be nice.


I have this! Battery life lasts for 5 hours of heavy use with WIFI on, screen is incredible and supports 4K, and I purchased it at Costco for about $500. It handles everything you throw at it perfectly. If you want an Android device, there is no better option.

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I have an iPad Pro, but I don’t have to recommend the same device that everyone has already, now do I? Also, not everyone has that kind of money lying around. Price has little correlation with performance, and I feel that with this device, you get more bang for your buck.


Definitly iPad Pro.

I don’t have one, (my friend does) but I can answer some of your questions.

  • It runs IF smooth as flipping silk
  • battery life is like 10 something hours
  • 4K HD 1080p Retina display
  • local Apple Store

My Ipad 2017 9.7 inch runs phenomenal. The frame rate is amazing.

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They had decreased sales but made more money than last year it’s just stupid I a have I fueled hatred for Apple because of my experiences and I’m still stuck with an iPad and iPhone
so anyone want to give me a Samsung S7 or newer or Any Pixel or device not older than 2016😂
Hey guys quick tip Apple is not the way to go and if you believe there excuses you got to be kidding me don’t you see all these bugs and just pure terrible things they do

What are the terrible things they do? They have huge profit margins, that’s where the extra profits are coming from. The costs are going to cover other costs not on the unit cost for each phone such as the billions they spent developing new phones. It’s no secret they make millions, doesn’t everyone know this?

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I highly doubt that will come true… Considering the ‘X’ is to signify the 10th Anniversary of the iPhone and Knowing the high cost I doubt Apple will bring it out…

Also why would apple price this at $1200 + ? Who would buy that?! You can buy a more professional device for that! ie : MacBook Pro!

iPad Pro has had the biggest vote above, and I agree.
But think twice about the size you’re getting. I’be got the smaller one of the 10.5” version and found the extra screen size, quite a step up from my iPad mini. For flying I found the size of the Mini better than then the 10.5” Pro. The bigger screen caused RSI in both my wrists. I would suggest that then 12.9” version of the Pro would be too big to handle.

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IOS 11 it’s different for iPads and iPhones to get to control centre and every now and then the device just slows down a little and my phone just restarts itself in a loop for a few hours straight some time and do say I need to update my phone cuase it’s got iOS 11.5 also iPhone X Samsung managed to get the display perfect also Apple doesn’t let you customise your device well as android does and it also it does it effectively also Siri is terrible google assistant is AMAZING most people who have any tech knowledge will know don’t buy Apple but no most people buy Apple for there brand name

iPad 2017, perfect RAM and the battery life, let me tell you about the battery life. 15 hours is my record from 100%-10% 16 hours 40 mins from 100 to flat if you wanted.

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Also Samsung invests more money than Apple into new products and how to make them

Also apples autocorrect is terrible

If you aren’t too keen on the iPads this is worth looking at.

I personally don’t have it but it looks very capable.

The iPad Pro 10.5 is an amazing device, can run IF flawlessly! 1st Gen iPad Pro’s are also very smooth at max settings

That’s because it’s open source. I buy Apple products as they are reliable and much smoother to use than Samsung or android producst in general plus it works with all my other iOS devices. I have had Samsung devices and hey were awful for myself. Samsung invests more in R&D correct but that’s its whole operation not he mobile division, they have a range of other subsidiaries such as home appliances, security, TV’s etc so in actual fact they aren’t spending that much. They literally buy some software and only make a phone. Much easier than what Apple do.


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