Looking at a new tablet, need input

So currently I have an iPad Air 2. I am considering a new tablet on the basis of gaming only. I have always been an apple product user but am looking at other devices.

Besides googling devices with gaming, wanted some input from the community. This purchase revolves 100% around IF.

Things I would like your input on when you comment.

Your device and how long you’ve had it.
Battery life.
4K capable.
Cost and where you purchased it.

I am in the United States as well.

Right now after some brief searching, it looks like the Samsung Tab S3, iPad Pro 10.5, and the Google Pixel C are the top contenders.

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I recommend the IPad Pro. I just got it and it handles very well!


I have an iPad Pro, full graphics, smooth as a butter stick. (Plus, you don’t have to buy IF again if you use the same Apple ID)


Definitely the iPad Pro 12.9 2017 pure amazing! BUT, Apple is supposedly unveiling a new iPad Pro where it is like the X and the 12.9 goes up to 13.4 I believe.


No doubt your winning option. Really nothing to complain about. I noticed that I can get about 10 hrs of flying on a full charge. (10% battery per 1 hr of flying time) Cost: Whatever the running cost for the 10.5" is. Price really hasn’t changed. Just don’t buy a used one from Chuck on Craigslist. Not from personal experience but could be a bad idea. 😬

All graphics and settings maxed out and it barely stumbles.


I don’t follow apple on their releases, any time frame for this new pro? 13.4 is YUGE!


Hahah yea and that’s something else that’s been degraded on my current air. I remember flying for hours and hours on a single charge… not so much anymore. I think 3-4 hours max is that I’m getting.

Do you let yours expend the battery all the way down and charge or leave on a charger?

Mine stays on the charger 90% if it’s time. Wonder if that has caused the battery issue…

Came across this picture of potentially a new iPad coming out soon. I, personally am waiting for it before I purchase my next tablet. I can’t wait for it!


I’m always plugged in regardless if its a 30 minute flight. But the times you forget to plug your iPad in on an overnight flight, its good to know that battery limits. 😂 Done that a few times.


Can’t wait to see that $1200 price tag… 😒😒


Who knows… maybe they learned their lesson with the decreased iPhone X sales because of the pricing. Only time will tell


That’s the one I was talking about it is supposedly 13.4 inches


Get this years iPad Pro, you’ll love it. It should be able to handle IF with ease

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Ah! Didn’t see your post. Sorry about that! Anyways, I bet it’s going to run IF flawlessly!

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Any idea on the release date?

I have been waiting for the new PRO (it might be a year or more), but it would be perfect for IF.

I didn’t realize they had a new one this year.

My guess would be in June because that’s when Apple has released most of their iPads at the WWDC Event. But then there are other rumours who say it will be around August…


Guess I can hold out a few more months and see what the hype is about and gauge it based off the price.

So far all iPad Pro suggestions. Basically locks it down

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If you’re not stuck on a tablet, I would recommend the Sony Xperia XZ Premium. For it’s price, it’s got amazing specs and a screen, more than capable of running IF at high settings at 50-60 FPS.