Looked away for a few seconds and had not one, but THREE? violations?

Sorry, I know this has been covered, but as I was working my way back to Grade 5, I was knocked down to Grade 2 for looking away for a few seconds.
Okay, we’ve all heard this over and over. But… why 3 violations? I turned away while I had what I thought was an appropriate climb to FL300, and bam!.. was overspending. Since I walked away, I take responsibility. Great. But could someone explain why 3? Is there some sort of timer with an interval that would have just racked up 100 violations if I was gone much longer?

Not the end of the world, but a bit surprising (although I suspect I am ignorant to the exact rules here).


What was your speed?

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This has happened to me before. I was at 260 knots and then bam violation. Decided to quit the flight then looked down…
6 Violations


Do you have any screenshots or like @anon93248082 stated, Can you tell us your speed?


You probably do not mean it literally, but you were definitely not away from your device for a few seconds to rack up three violations.

Violation Breakdown (credits to @Chris_S):

To be a grade 3 and have access to the expert server, you cannot have more than 2 violations. So lets pretend you are flying and you get 3 violations. That means you recieved a warning followed by three alerts. Ultimately this means that you have had 59 seconds of warnings and messages to slow down before getting your third violation that lowers your grade.

0:00 Warning
0:20 Violation
0:40 Violation
0:60 Violation

One minute is a long time while flying to not be paying attention. I think the standards for the violations are ok in this situation.

You were away from your device for at least a minute which is why you received 3 overspeeding violations according to the data above.

You have to make sure that you are with your device and paying attention during the critical stages of your flight (takeoff, climb, descent, approach, and final) at all times as it is your responsibility. Be sure to check your auto-pilot preferences and make sure they are activated before walking away as you reach top of climb – your speed is especially important.

These violations should serve as a learning experience for you. It happens to the best of us, so don’t stress about it too much. You’ll be back in the expert server skies in no time! :)



I believe there is also a 6 violation limit per occurrence, correct? @Chris_S @Nathan

After 6 violations you get a system generated report (ghost).


I agree. Happened to me a month back. Sometimes, it can lead to stoping your flight completely. 😕

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