Look for a graphics designer and an editor.

Alright, let me just set something strait. This does not need to be IFVARB Approved. The VARB is for VAs (Virtual Airlines) and VOs (Virtual Organisations) that use the sim to fly or otherwise intend to use the #live:va category. There are many other things similar to this such as IFCI (IFC Interviews), IFN (Infinite Flight News) and IFC Weekly (a weekly IFC newsletter), among others. They are not required to be IFVARB Approved as they are the media. However, to avoid getting shut down, I strongly suggest that you contact a mod to get their OK on it before you go ahead and make a thread.

Hope this helps!

— Velocity23


No @KaiM It does he has to be approved by IF as a VO so he can advertise his Newspapers about IF GET IT

He’s acting as a media source, not an organization that someone can join. Only the latter is regulated by the IFVARB. Please look into regulations and precedent set before taking on an aggressive tone.

Sir I’m giving the person some helpful advice because I tried to do somthing similar but I couldn’t because I had to be IF approved

Your intent is great but it’s been established that the IFVARB doesn’t oversee this. I am left to assume that your situation must be different as they wouldn’t take on an unnecessary project.

Now, hopefully the OP can find someone to assist with his project. I also reccomend the advice of @KaiM in contacting moderators. I can speak from experience :)


Thanks for Understanding @rileymoyer it was to my knowledge that you can’t advertise anything unless it is approved by IF

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These are thing that we already do. So I think that would be unfair to us.

This is still very similar to what we do.

So at the end of the day we don’t mind what you do, but just remember, that we are also here. We put a lot of effort in our Magazine and would prefer that we don’t get copied.

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Sorry, but you need to learn how a market works. You can’t just ask someone not to copy you, because you “did it first”. If I remember correctly, weren’t you guys the one’s who told me to take down my fictional magazine cover because you happened to make a magazine?
If so, you really need to learn how to treat your target audience. Do you think car manufacturers tell others not to copy their ideas just because they did it first?

If this is your first go at a mass-market, I’ll give you some advice. Monopoly is never good. Competition is crucial to your success, and you should be glad that these guys are doing it as well - you should give them tips and advice, not going off ranting at them. If you ever had any respect amongst your audience, that is most certianely gone now. We are a small community, and people talk. Take it as a compliment, if they wanna follow your footsteps, it means you did a good job. And that should strive you to make even better content. That’s how a market works. Doesn’t help that you try and hide the aggression behind the “we don’t mind what you do”, because the very next thing you write destroys that first sentence.

What would the job for the designer then? Lay out the articles with headers, sections and fit them to content?

I have worked as a graphic designer for an international Magazine Publisher for several years, but I have to be honest and say that if I want to consider it, I would have to rely on it actually working like you say it will. :) As I do it professionally I only have limited time, but I can fit it in my schedule no problem. But I would have to know that you guys mean business first, and then I might consider it. :D

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Quick Question, How will this be unique to other partners of magazines out there, for example @ifcmagazine. Which have outstanding work.

Not being funny, but @ifcmagazine is pretty good, and I don’t think your beat it, their work is beyond amazing, in my opinion. Not causing any drama This is basically unfair to them, and mimicking their work they put in.

How will this be diffrent, and how will you make it original, which will ensure it’s not being copied?


Read my reply above as well :)

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Ah, I see. Just reiterated it again :)

First of all please don’t come at us so aggressively.

As said above

We didn’t say he can’t create what he would like to create. We we just pointing out that this is something we already do. I also must say we aren’t the only ones who report on news. There are some great groups within the IFC that also do an amazing job.

No, that wasn’t us and is technically not possible . Your post was created a long time before we even came up with the idea.

Your post was created in September 2016.

We only started in August / September 2017

We know this! There are already multiple groups / people that report on news.

We also do interviews with people who have job in the real world aviation. At the start people said how is this different from IFC Interviews, but now we get more more questions every time we post, because people realised that we weren’t stealing or talking away an audience from IFC Interviews.

We also don’t want to create drama here as bring the IFC together is what we are trying to do and not tear it apart.

This took time for us to reach. If you look at our first ever magazine, it was just some text in a PDF. Now we have learnt on how to be more efficient, we can afford to spend more time on making our design look better. We are also just getting started with our new design.

If anyone has anymore questions or enquiries then you know what to do.