Look Back on the 787 Release

Just a normal, quiet day…

Then boom, the Infinite Flight Community goes into complete shock and excitement, as the first video of the new 787 was released. Look back on that good ol’ day, where everybody went into a feeling of complete joy. I want to know what were your guys reactions when you first heard the news. :)

Feel free to read the comments and look at the videos, along with the second big news we found out about: wing flex!


My reaction was…

Where’s the beef?


Well I didn’t see that video till videos of the new 787 started exploding. I mean like there were many videos of the new 787.


Exploding 787’s in IF?

I want IF Disasters too! I was gipped! D-:


“I AM SHAKING RIGHT NOW. The wait is finally OVER!!”

  • A spoopy ghost hit @FlyFi at this time.

It was major when they had the 787.


Haha that was a funny one.

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I remember all the Apple users excitingly patiently waiting to get the updates and lots of repost of people saying they didn’t get the update. And then the day when everyone got the update all you could see were a sea of 787’s

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Seeing all the good ol’ members on that post made me think back to those days…

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My reaction was a mix of emotions and thoughts and follows:
1st reaction/thought - Oh dear. The live servers will be crashing due to high amounts of users.
2nd reaction/thought - It’s going to be so unrealistic for the first few days after the update is released because everyone will be flying the same plane.
3rd reaction/thought - Yay! A new aircraft!

This also applies to the current update being released.


Bro your reactions are on point


It don’t think the C130 is that big a release, but I’m still happy-ish to have it.

That certainly was a turning point. I still remember in 2012 with the terrible engine noises and lack of animations on the A321, the space shuttle and old 747. IF has come a long way and that was a landmark update.

I loved the old 747 challange!

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