Look back on Infinite Flight

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What device? What version OS are you running? What setting are your running?

I agree and say AMEN to that!!! What a wonderful flight sim this is! Thank you mods and devs for developing a game that can truly capture my heart. The graphics are awesome the airports and runways are awesome…this game has elevated me to new standards with resolve to actually become part of something. Everyone who worked hard…the recruiters and airport workers and runway guys and graphics teams and behind the scenes guys…it’s because of you and only you that I get to enjoy myself. So thank you from the bottom of my heart

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We did have a problem with the holding instruction


I am doing an honorary flight to support the aniversery of the FlightCast podcast. That too is a huge part if Infinite Flight even if it doesn’t get mentioned in the App Store…

Wait so is the holding pattern over like the airport a real thing now?? For IOS too? Or is that part of the update with the B787 and wingless for android only and IOS in two days or so?

Yea, it’s in the update, out for Android

so why are people using it? People on IOS won’t be able to use the pattern and or receive it when flying

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Yeah I won’t be able to do holding patterns until I’ve updated it right? So for iOS aircraft does that option not show up in ATC commands? Because we can’t hold patterns yet :/

We were both on Android

I think its way too sensitive to the movement of the phone. The A320 isn’t like that. Default sensitivity.
Android 6, Galaxy S5.

That makes even more sense

Doesn’t it?

It won’t show up because that part was not a hot fix from the devs.

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Check again.

So is it not being used at all at the moment?

Not for IOS. Only on android or the people who received the update today

Okay. But when I get it then I can do that? I just watched Tyler’s video on holding patterns and it looks awesome tbh