Look at what plane I found today when at my hometown airport

![image|450x600](upload://i859HkpS0mj99FuQZWUoaH96PHB.jpeg) ![image|450x600](upload://zy2meTgjd6HDMpmF23kxjpBCrS4.jpeg) ![image|829x383](upload://gTs3tsOD0Ke7ayw8c32zneWGbLL.jpeg) same registration number

image image

same registration number


I thought the registration number was familiar

Nice E170/175

Yep northwest airlines livery on infinite flight but delta irl

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Because they mereged

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How do you even notice that


I don’t really know I knew the last two letters of it were my last name CZ so I knew there was one on infinite flight like that

Haha! I’ve had a couple of these myself. Kinda cool when you spot it IRL and in IF

Yeah my first one

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