LongHaulGuy and Direct_Aviation7's ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ RKSI

Hey guys - @Andr3s and I are controlling RKSI for fun this evening. Make sure to stop by!

Server: Training

Runways: 34, 33L and 33R

Frequencies: Ground, Tower, Approach, Departure


Hey there! I was NASA 446 heavy the shuttle carrier if you open again tomorrow please feel free to tag me and ill stop by!!

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For sure man! We had limited time this evening unfortunately.

Hey! Feel free to tag me whenever you open I’ll try to swing by - also is this for practice?

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Yep just for practice!

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According to the category guidelines, ATC Tracking Threads are for a limited purpose:


Ohh that makes sense! My bad!

No worries at all, just wanted to make you aware! Best of luck to you (and @Andr3s) with ATC in Infinite Flight!

In case either of you want to join IFATC, the group that controls on the Expert Server, I’ll link that topic below: