Hey, I startet Longhaul from EDDF to YSSY last night now i left home was able to track the flight 2hrs ago. now i can’t track it my Tablet is connected to power and my plane had 15hr fule left and 10:30 flight time left. Did it crash or just disconnected the server connection ? here an picture frome last track

If you cannot track it anymore, then it is a sign that it may have disconnected from the internet.

yeah thats what i also thought. i just hope it didn’t crash. but if it crashed i didn’t end the game so i would still be on the server right ?

You wouldn’t be on the server if it did crash. As infinite flight requires an internet connection, it would most certainly have ended up crashing due to not being connected.

i will see what happend when i am back home. finger cross its still flying whit out connection to server

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Another reason your flight no longer appears on flight radar could be that you have crashed.

(Speaking from experience here…)

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i know it’s not my first Longhaul that crashed whit no reason out of nowhere.

Okay i am at home and looked on my tablet it had the Notification that my profile is used on an other device to fly. thats all right i startet IF this morning to look an Replay so. dont fly on an device and start replaying an Replay on an other device that couse that the active flight will stopped.

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