Longest Widebody Flight

Have you ever wonder the ultimate endurance of your favorite widebody jets?

Well then, this is your chance to try and compete with your fellow community colleagues in the big birds!

for your flight to be listed

  • you MUST submit a post-flight screenshot with Landing of 1 if the flight is fresh,
  • OR submit a logbook record if the flight is done in the past.
  • Top 12 contestants of each type will be displayed.
  • DIRECT FLIGHTS ONLY, otherwise what’s the point for this contest?
  • Commercial aircraft only, no pattern work or game glitch records accepted.
  • make sure your records are in hours not minutes (I AIN’T ACCEPTING a 59h59m nonstop record unless you can break the laws of physics).
  • Please be honest since IF should clarify flight time in the logbook and implement full flight data in the replay mode.

Best luck with y’all!

Boeing 747 Family
@Amaar_Viqar KPHL-YPPH 23h36m B748
@Toon OEJN-YSSY 15h10m B748
@Parshava KJFK-ZSPD 14h10m B748
@Suhas KSFO-YSSY 14h3m B744

Boeing 767 Family
@zooroo_fpv VHHH-SBGL 20h1m B763

Boeing 777 Family
@CrazyBee SBGL-RKSI 22h41m B77L
@AndrewRG10 YPPH-KJFK 20h19m B77L
@Parshava EGLL-YSSY 19h53m B77W
@Suhas WSSS-KEWR 18h31m B77W
@Kiz RPLL-MPTO 18h30m B77W
@Altaria55 VHHH-CYQX 17h33m B77W
@Suhas KSFO-VIDP 17h16m B77L
@zooroo_fpv OLBA-YBBN 15h12m B77L
@Ecoops123 VIDP-KSFO 14h57m B77L
@NoahM OTHH-KPHL 13h19m B77W

Boeing 787 Family
@CrazyBee NZAA-LEAL 23h43m B789
@Ecoops123 WSSS-KEWR 18h B78X
@Suhas YPPH-EGLL 17h51m B789
@Suhas WSSS-KEWR 17h45m B78X
@Ecoops123 EGLL-YPEA 16h2m B789
@Parshava KATL-RKSI 14h11m B788
@zooroo_fpv MMMX-YBBN 14h B788
@Louis_Sp8-Bullock KLAX-ZSPD 12h31m B789
@NoahM ZBAA-KDFW 12h9m B789

Airbus A330 Family
@zooroo_fpv WSSS-KEWR 17h30m A333
@zooroo_fpv WSSS-KSAT 17h18m A332
@Suhas EDDF-KAUS 11h12m A333

Airbus A340 Family
@Suhas KJFK-FAOR 13h28m A346

Airbus A350 Family
@CrazyBee SCEL-VVTS 24h11m A359
@LeonardIF18 KMIA-YPPH 23h36m A359
@Qantas094 EGLL-YSSY 17h46m A359
@OPG_IFaustralia9906 WSSS-Undet. [10h25m] A359

Airbus A380 Family
@CrazyBee KJFK-WSSS 21h48m A388
@Suhas YSSY-EGLL 21h2m A388
@Parshava EGLL-WSSS 14h10m A388

McDonnell Douglas DC-10/MD-10 Family
@AndrewRG10 KNKT-YAMB 17h58m DC10
@Parshava EGKK-KDFW 10h11m DC10

McDonnell Douglas MD-11 Family
@Suhas PHNL-YSSY 9h40m MD11


I’m not sure if this counts but when I wanted to get flight time for grade 3 I took the A380 around the world. It took 21 hours and I did LAX-LAX. Might not count though


Not going to win but back in August I flew OTHH-KPHL • Doha to Philadelphia and it took 13:19 in the Qatar 77W

Also not going to win, but a few days ago-
ZBAA-KDFW • Beijing to Dallas in an American
787-9 that took 12:07

Edit: I have no proof besides my logbook


You may show them then I’ll put the records up

Edit: ignore those 3 violations on the PHL-MDT flight, it was my first flight Training Server so i ignores them 😂

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20hrs 1min
Boeing 767-300ERF

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I did VHHH-EGLL with the 77W but missed my destination and ended up making an emergency landing at CYQX with 915 kg of fuel left.

However, this was a long time ago, far before I started flying once or twice daily. Oh, boy, looking for this is gonna be fun.


Unfortunately your pattern work record is not accepted in this contest.

I’ll take that for starters. Thanks for joining the contest!

My is 23:36 hours Non-stop from Miami to Perth (fly toward the east) United Airlines A350

Edit: here are some screenshots: Rotate of 24 hours flight - #20 by Matt93

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You got it! Btw How your passengers like spending a whole day flying?

There are only 6 Passengers on board I think they cant walk anymore after that flight lol

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Oops hehe thanks for swinging by!

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Imagine using a 12 hour real route. If my IPad didnt crash all the time i would go KSAN-FAOR.



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I was actually surprised my 4 year old IPhone 6s with almost no storage didn’t crash when I flew ZBAA-KDFW


its not pattern work I did a trip around the world way points where KLAX-LFPG-VHHH-KLAX.

Only one way trip between 2 airports is accepted.

I did LHR-SYD nonstop in a A380 23 hours Does that count?

Please read the directions in the original post.