Longest trip so far

Think this is my longest flight on IF so far, wonder where to next


Wow. What routes are in there? Good on ya

I would like to try something like this. Suitable for cargo liners.

Great job, I believe the longest flight is 72 hours.

Started at RJTT and flew to EDDF, then down to HECA and back, via LTFM on the return flight for the Friday night flight, then flew EDDF to CYVR, then the return leg was CYVR back to EDDF via a stopover in KJFK. About 2 hours from arriving back into EDDF not sure where I will go after that

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That’s awesome. My phone would fry

Saw you when I was taxiing to 25C for KDEN. I saw your flight and was like β€œWow, this person has a lot of time!” Hope you enjoyed your flight!

Hey I saw you to, hope your flight was good

What was the total flighttime of all those routes. I’m really curious to know 😁

Well Up until the app crashed inbound to Istanbul I just hit 49 hours of flight time πŸ˜‚
Was devastated when I Saw my home screen come up

Device was getting a bit warm heading into Istanbul with all the traffic and think it overheated 😭