longest session?

My longest session on TS1 was at KLAX for 6 and a half hours! That’s the best way to pull an all nighter guys!

However, since becoming a member of IFATC, I opened up KMDW Tower and Ground from 2pm-6:30PST for a total of 4 hours and 30 minutes of nonstop traffic during that FNF. That was also my first week as IFATC, so it was obviously my first time controlling an FNF. It’s an amazing experience!

I’m gonna go for 6 hours on expert server if i ever have a free day :)

I think this so called Chief305 guy from Miami loves his city so much that he decided to control KMIA for 12 hour’s straight and still holds the record for the longest time controlling on the expert server (Awake and Aware).

By the way, if any one of you try beating my record, I will personally go out of my way and time to get my crown back, I don’t care if I’m driving I will control and drive just to hold my record. ;) ps: it will be in KMIA again ;) ;) ;) pps: I have no problem crashing just to hold my record either, think twice IFATC controllers 😆


@Chief305 You got some dedication to Miami there bro. Although when I reach expert server and get IFATC I am probably going to try and break that record at KDFW ;) I will personally go for 24 hours (aware and awake) just to beat it. haha. I’l have to stop all work for that.

You’re very insane my friend, 24 hours straight? I don’t think you will be in the correct mental state to control properly and efficiently, when you control on the expert server you need to have a clear state of mind and good judgement, I don’t think having any rest at all will help aid in that.


@Chief305 I love a drink called Monster Energy. Plus I routinely pull 48 hour work days due to being a freelance programmer/security consultant. And that’s just my goal. I probably won’t reach it. But I can definetly get to 16-18 hours comfortably.

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Better start switching to cuban coffee before you start having heart problems, can’t wait to see you do your 16 hour session, I will personally tag with you and assist the entire duration and remain open long after you close.

Goodnight 😴


Not even close, buddy.

Jeebak was very much awake and conscious for his 22 hours at PHNL. Defer to him on all tasks related to stamina.


I’m seriously curious how a person can go so long without any outside interruptions that would require them to leave!


If one man could do it, it’s him. Seclusion, lockdown, whatever you want to call it. I know he was conscious because we kept checking up with him every few hours.


dose it count if I beat your record on ts1?

That must’ve been unbearable!

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I remember once I stayed up all night to control KASE (pre-global). Probably 5-6 hours

Oh yeah, I remember that – when you smashed me into another plane :P


So far it’s been 3 hours at KCLT

My longest is 2 hours and u have around 1000 operations

Hush !.

Some of you guys are mad!!😱 how can you do 22 hours of controlling…? My best is about 3 hours (with really heavy traffic though) I mean it’s doable if it’s a little Charlie with virtually no one but I can imagine that if people know you’ve been controlling so long they’d start coming to do patterns to test you. Or at least that’s what I’d do😅 my eyes would let go though before my brain probably. I mean it’s pretty impressive what some of you have done!


I have done ATCing for 2HRS one time

I don’t know if ts counts but I did 26 hours at VHHH once (no pattern work tho 😂) and my ops are 38552. I tend to control at underserved airports such as KPDX

Cool, how do you stay conscious