longest session?

since I’m not allowed to do atc on expert for almost a year I still have to put up with the noobs on ts1 witch gives me grey hairs but I’ve just done a 1 hour session my longest is 3 hours what’s yours also I’m on 3,060 operations what’s yours ?

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I’ve been on for an hour and a half at most, then I usually close or I have to do a controller change.


4000 but over a long period of time prefer to fly

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When ever MSP is features in IFATC (which is rare) I try to go as long as possible, my longest has been 7 hours at LOWI on my first day in IFATC, but there are people who have probably done more.


I forgot my Ops, whoops.
I think I have 2700 or something like that. It will sky rocket when I get access to Class bravo airports.

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I know @Chief305 has done 12 straight hours before on ES, I think one guy set a record with 20 hours or something because he fell asleep while controlling.


my most is like 4.5 hours at LEMD… some people can confirm :)


see id happily do 4-5 hours a day on ES because people listen you know I just close when like 5 people refuse to listen

I’ve done more than 6 hours per day, I just split it up so I can take breaks. :)
And people don’t always listen to you straight up. Trust me, over the week that I’ve had access, loads haven’t listened to me, that’s when they’re in trouble :X
It’s the simplest of things sometimes.

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i love controlling I love clearing people for their long haul and I love helping people vector in after a long flight that’s just me but you always get the bad Apple who just ruins either your approach work I attempt to vector them in like GHamsz but people rekt it so it is what it is

Yes always a bad apple, but sometimes they mis hear, which is fine. I’m a pretty chill chance giving controller, if they stuff up their request I tell them to check Atis frequency, if they request the wrong thing again, I ask them to check tutorials, loads have corrected themselves. Which is ideally what I like to see.

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I did 1.5 hours at LAX on training server some months ago handling ground and tower.

I’ve completed a 12-13 Hour Session once at PHNL. Might attempt again

damn man balloonchaser gotta come here and crash everyone’s efforts but gg man that’s dedication good luck !!!


4 hours and any longer than that I start to break down and fatigue. My ops are around 7000

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Longest in IFATC was 2 weeks ago at DFW where i ended at 7 hours on a Friday, had 10 at dfw that day. Totaled 20+ hours at dfw overall that week between tower and approach 😂


Well, when I first got IF back in 2017, I didn’t know how to fly. So I just controlled at pre global TS1 KSAN for hours. I spent all night using the app.

IDK. But personally, I think that 2 hours on training is a long time for ATC… hehe. Sometimes it just takes a bit of patience.

Where does he find the time? 😂

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They don’t call him the Chief of the 305 for nothing, the man likes KMIA.