Longest runway without pro subscription?

I was trying to do some experiments that needs a long runway, however, I don’t have a pro subscription at the moment. Does anyone knows what is the longest runway without pro?

Easy, KEDW has a very noticeable runway of a 30,000ft length.


KEDW - by far - its longest runway can even hold an A380 with everything fully loaded taking off without stalling.

I think KEDW’s 5 mile or whatever it is runway can take any aircraft…

Well, that’s your answer multiplied by 3. So, don’t forget, KEDW has a long runway!!


Ahhh my bad, I forgot KEDW is free…

KEDW is where the freakin’ space shuttle lands.


Used to land, it lands in Florida now

*used to land. It now lands nowhere


Isn’t this runway not just the longest without pro, but the longest runway in the game?

Yes, it is.

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