Longest route on IF

Advise on longest route in IF

i dont know all the regions… but you can start from KLAX, flying to KEDW, then turn right to KPSP and turn to KSAN, then KNUC and finally KLAX… you can made a 1h flight with this circle route.


if you’re talking about 1 leg it’s probably WSSS - WMKK


Honolulu - Hilo (Hawaii Region) almost 200nm ;)


Miami to Tampa in the Florida region

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Klax-100nm-turn right, 100nm-turn right 100nm-turn right 100nm, must be at least 400nm

Oh yeah and really really really ************************* boring!!! 😂

My advice for if you want a long flight, everything seems longer in a C208😄.


I agree on Cessna 208 flights. Even KSAN-KPSP is like 30 minutes so Hilo to Honolulu and back and forth 20 times in a Cessna 172 at 1 knot above stall speed is ?0000 Hours.

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Fly the super decathalon at 60 kts and see how long it takes you to fly to Palm Springs. Took me about an hour and a half.

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Honolulu to Hilo

Indeed!! All the regions have enough airspace and airports to literally take years to try them all, seems to me. I do like to either waypoint a circle around an entire region, or select start airport as direct destination and gps your way around going straight out then either + or - 90° from original heading and finally finding yourself in direct alignment for landing … Makes for great time to use the different view options and enjoy the scenery! 😎

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Indeed!! One could make an afternoon just taxiing to runway at KLAX!!



I usually fly from KLAX -KSAN the longer way. So you depart from 25R and continue onwards then in about 15 nm turn left heading off about 300 this should bring you upwards then in about 30nm left heading about 350 continue onwards this should bring towards Edward field continue onwards until you reach the Rockies at KPSP left heading 120 and begin your descent for your arrival at KSAN

Not right heading 120? :)

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What route in IF is the longest in distance ?

The one you make for yourself


Theoretically, they can be infinite (i think)

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Sorry, I meant distance between airports