Longest route of the world | WSSS - KEWR | @ WSSS - 142300ZFEB19

Departure: 2300Z
Route: WSSS-KEWR (~17hrs)
Aircraft and Livery: B787-10 (Singapore)
Server: Expert

Flight plan:
Copy mine (SVA0722), it contains SID and STAR.

Vertical speed:
2000ft/m until FL100
1600ft/m until FL280
1200ft/m until cruising.

Cruise altitude:
FL320 to wpt. MEVIN
FL350 to wpt. PUGAL
FL380 to wpt. TOVAD
Finally climb up to FL410

Cruising speed:
245kts to FL100
320kts to FL280
M0.84 to FL410

begin descent at wpt. EXTOL
cross wpt. CRANK at or above 7000ft

Fuel: 101322 kg (max)
Pax: 169
Cargo: 0

If you want to join, leave a comment!! :D

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Thanks! Looks better!


I’ll be landing in WSSS from KSFO in 53min. UVAL003. I would join but unfortunately UAL doesn’t head to KEWR😏


If only this event was on Sunday, then I could have made it ;-;

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Don’t know if you are active rn but I came up to say hi an f14

ill join give me a gate!

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