Longest range on a narrow bodied aircraft

Hi, I just wondering if which narrow bodied aircraft has the longest range?

If you’re counting private jets, the 737 BBJ probably has the longest range


I think the freshly reworked 757 has the longest range in IF


Probably the 737 BBJ followed by the 757.

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The A321 can do 12 hours as well with full fuel and minimal passenger/cargo loads.


B737BBJ for sure, then followed by either B757 at M.85 (this one is a bit of a bug) or A321 at normal speeds

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Definitely the 737BBJ and the regular 737-700 and 757

Surprised nobody mentioned it, but the CCX has pretty good range as well.


I was just about to create a topic asking this! I want to fly into my home airport (my actual home airport near Chicago, not KORD, that happens to be a class Echo) from somewhere using a GA aircraft on Saturday, but didn’t know which one to choose.

Was thinking CCX, but I wasn’t sure if they could do transatlantic. Can they?
Also, what about the TBM 930? Any hopes for a transatlantic crossing with that?

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737-700 kills all, it doesn’t even have to be a BBJ because it’s all the same model, will fly for around 20 hours.

CCX can go for around 13-14 but it is severely affected by headwinds, not only does it fly slower it burns much more fuel as well.

The other 737s are relatively impressive as well being able to hit well over 12 hours (if memory serves)

757 may be able to top the 737-700 using single engine flight but two engines it sits around the high 11s. Not sure how much fuel reduction the 0.85 bug gives it but it’ll probably run into the 13s?

A321 approximately the same as the 757.

The other three A320 family aircraft are around the 9-10 hour range.

Everything else is around 6 hours (CRJs, TBM, 717, Dash)


They can pretty easily.

I wouldn’t risk it. It’s better to stop at Greenland or Iceland.


How you can do it?

It reli depends on jetsteam & your load, I’d done a 13hr flight with strong headwind in a A321 from Hong Kong to Amsterdam before.

So to conclude, both Boeing & Airbus narrow bodies can have a long range when you’re flying in a right altitude, direction & mini. load!

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Wow 🤩 I want to try it :)

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The .85 bug on the 752 gives more distance but not more time.
Also I have numbers for the 738, tried doing a range push once and got to around 12hours. I though 739 might have same flight model as 738.

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