Longest range aircraft?

my longest non stop was 23hrs 54mins in a 777-200LR


@AndrewWu did 30+ (?) in an MD-11 and 40 in the A350.

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Well. The 777LR is supposedly the aircraft that can fly the furthest. But I think I.F. changed the A350 fuel tank up a bit, and you can fit about 22 hours of fuel in the A359.

Here are some recommended long haul routes.

LHR-PERTH- All of these with Qantas 787-9

AKL-DOH | Qatar 777-200LR
AKL-DXB | I did this routes 2 weeks ago. Very nice, alot of scenery and solid 16 hours 45 minutes

DXB-LAX | Emirates A380, 77W etc

SFO-SIN | Singapore A359

SFO-DEL or DEL-SFO | Air India 777-200LR or 77W

PPT-CDG | Air Tahiti Nui 787-9

These are some long hauls (All over 15 hours) I have more so let me know please!



In normal flight, the following aircraft have over 20 hour range, which is basically global:
B767 (broken)
B772, 77L, 77W
787s are close but not sure


You can get 30+ hours in the 77L lol
350 goes over 24 if you stay at FL330

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The new 777-200LR can fly 33 hours or more

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Dang long time from where to where?? @SunDown

27 in the MD and 41 in the A350 but those were both single engine gimmicks (A350 I could’ve done a lot better on but I wasn’t planning properly).

I’ve done almost 60 hours non-stop on the A350. I had to turn off one engine at some point though.


I’ve gotten about 20 hours in the 350 and the 77L. Sfo-jnb is a great one of the wind is strong it can take up to 19-20 hours

777-200LR has the longest range in IF

uhm you ask me a tough question… this was a time where I almost only did such flights, I can’t remember really… I guess I flew really slow to gain more time, but as far as I remember the route was something like Reunion to Singapore, but western direction…


Boeing 777-200LR is the most efficient airliner in IF but that doesn’t really matter, what really matters is how effectively you plan.

Ideally you could go 22+ hrs but you could go up to 27+hrs. I’ve done the research lol. (In the 777)

I’m planning a ~8000nmi flight from EGLL (in London) to YPPH (in Australia)


I’ve seen someone on YT do 32 hours on a 787-10. Is this close to the other variants of the 787?

A350 or the 777LR

The 77W is capable for LHR-AKL too (just make sure you have few passengers and very little cargo) Done AKL-BER yesterday in 22 hr with strong headwind, 4% fuel remaining when landing. So LHR-AKL would be a viable with the help of jetsteam:)


Oop- you have to try ultra-long haul. 13 hours is child’s play for many people. 😂


You could also do it with the 777-200LR. The LR is one of the longest range aircraft on the market.

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@NoahKerr my mother would never let me do it sadly I live with my parents still

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I know, I was just trying to make a 77W challenge 🤪