Longest Range Aircraft in IF?

I’d think it would be the A359 based on research, but I’m not sure.

It’s the 777-200LR, it can go for around 24 hours with full fuel and empty load.


According to @Captain_JR, The 777-200LR has the longest range of any commercial jet as of now, it overtook the crown from the Airbus A340-500 which used to have the longest range back then before 2005 but eventually the B77L made its entry and took away the first place from Airbus and made name Boeing stand for it.

A few example on routes it’s used on are:

  • Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) | Toronto —> Karachi
  • Qatar Airways (QR) | Doha —> Auckland
  • Qatar Airways (QR) | Doha —> Houston
  • Qatar Airways (QR) | Doha —> Los Angeles
  • Delta Airlines (DL) | Sydney —> Los Angeles
  • Delta Airlines (DL) | Atlanta —> Johannesburg
  • Air India (AI) | Delhi —> San Francisco

All these flights are above 12hrs and most of them hit the 14h mark and some even exceed that number and reaches 15h or 16h. This goes to show that although many of these routes can be covered by a 787-8/9, 77W or A380, some airliners, mostly Qatar uses the B77L for these long routes that by distance are greater than any other route. Doha to Auckland is just a tiny bit longer to fly in distance compared to London to Perth with QF9/QF10.


That’s superb info but that’s real life and the OP is asking about aircraft in Infinite Flight by the title.

@Chriis I would say either the 777 200LR or the A350 900

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Thanks. I’m stuck between the A359 and the 772 and I am also wondering if the A359 is the ULR variant in IF or not.

Not necessarily, the topic was in #general and the OP’s question included “looking for the aircraft in the game…”

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I think the general consensus is that they are the two with the longest range and they are close enough that on an Ultra-Long haul, it wouldn’t matter.

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@Scott.Cooper The 777-200LR can fly for 24 hours nonstop in game though. :)

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Yeah, makes sence.

Thanks for the info everyone!


Well actually in IF, the 747-8 works best for me. Yesterday I did ORD-PER eastwards, I was 22 hours in and I had like 200 pounds of cargo and maybe 13 passengers, but my app crashed. I had 4 more hours of fuel. Also the a380 can go crazy far, I made it 22 hours succefulky in it. My device isn’t the best so I don’t even try using the a350 for ULH because it always crashes ;(

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Since you used the term aircraft and not airliner… it probably would have to be the KC-10 with a full load of fuel…otherwise a VC-25 refueled in flight !

That post I made back then was 1.5 Years ago and was a reference to Real Life facts, which since the A350-900ULR entered service, things have indeed changed in Real Life. Secondly My source for Real World aircraft with longest range was from 2013, and that itself says that once it was correct factually but over time numbers have changed and thus the A359ULR has the longest range IRL today by a relatively good margin over the 77L, really allowing SQ to perform SIN-EWR-SIN route.

I’m not certain myself which aircraft can by Infinite Flight Standards fly the furthest on maximum fuel load although the 77L and A359 along with the A388, 787-9 and B748 but also the 77W are among those with longest range both in real life and in IF as well. For starters, the 77L and 359ULR (standard A359, no ULR abbreviation added in IF) are basically neck in neck being the two airliners that can fly the furthest non-stop without refueling, the other airlines mentioned come very close with half an hour to 2-5 hours shorter in range based on time if flown the same distance, same route, same direction with the same weather conditions and all that.

Chriis, In the end which ever you pick to fly, you’ll go great distances, but if your question is longest range of any aircraft with refueling mid-air being a option then @Recxx got you covered with his answer :)

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