Longest range aircraft in IF

Hello, I am trying to attempt a route from EGLL to YSSY which around 9200NM long and would take around 20 hours. The problem is, I’ve tried multiple aircraft including the B777-200LR and A380-800, with both failing, with the A380 winning by reaching approx. 1hour away from YSSY. Is there any aircraft that is currently in IF that can complete this route without refueling? Thanks in advance.

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Well, I have done NZAA-EGLL in the A380. YSSY-EGLL in the B788. Just need to pack full fuel and no PAX or cargo.

The 747-8 has the current longest range in IF. If you want to go private, I’m sure the 737-700BBJ has the range.

Alright. I’ll try it again in the A380 rn. Cargo and passengers actually took up a large chunk on the total weight

Sounds good, no cargo or Passengers and max fuel is key in making it to London. Should take around 19-20 check sim brief for the exact time.

Have done the YPPH - EGLL in the B789 on a few occasions now. Should have the range to do YSSY - EGLL.

in real life the B744 flew direct from EGLL - YSSY with about 40 passengers. Make use of fpltoif.com which can help you get it right with the fuel, waypoints and altitudes with step climbs etc.

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I believe that the A380 should work because I’ve flown this route before and had about 3 hours of fuel to go. Were there strong headwinds reducing range?

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I’ve flown LHR-SYD in an A380 before and it flew fine, did you step climb?

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