Longest Non-Stop Flight on Infinite Flight

The title is pretty self-explanatory…what’s your longest complete non-stop flight (meaning from point A to point B without landing) on Global? And if you remember:

what airline,aircraft, and airports were involved? also, what was the total weight of the plane?

Imma keep it a buck witchu chief, I’ve never actually completed a flight. I’ve spent hours in the air, following realistic procedures and what-not on the training server, but never attempted landing a large aircraft. What I mean is:

i planned a LAX to LLBG (Tel Aviv) with a very heavy 787-10, but only flew 3 hours. I just disappeared off the radar. top ten mysteries science still cant answer

So yeah, i dont have an answer to this, but hoping you guys do (lol)

Already a topic, sorry about that bud. (I think it applies to both non stop and with stops)

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