Longest Non-Refuel Flight

Hey everyone,
I was (or I am) doing a flight from TNCA-(PLCH)-OTHH, using the modified route from flightplandatabase.com.
It takes 29 hours and 10 minutes with the 777-F, and should be landing in a while with somewhat 100 kg fuel.

I found InfiniteX a fantastic flight viewer. It sees through the transparent globe! I believe that’s the fantastic choice to record any ultra-long flights!


Nice one! That’s a long flight! Also is this InfiniteX tool a live tracked (I’m new to this tracker), is it more stable/better?

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Wow! tracking you now. That is a true achievement!

Yes it is more stable to my opinion, and it provide you more information (time to arrive at destination, which is not actually included in IF) in a clear manner.

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Thanks 😊 !!

Oh ok thanks

I was trying to see if there’s any other apps that can decode the routes onto IF. On a side note, I flown an f-18 from Tucson to Abbotsford without mid-air refueling so that’s good so I manage to broke the record.

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Much more stable and faster. The map itself isn’t as good as some others, without paying, but you can rely on it to be there if you need it

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