Longest Narrowbody Flight

Welcome to zooroo’s IF Records Series episode 2!

First of all, I’d like to thank everyone for participating in my XCub Altitude Record, it was a great time loggin y’all in!

Hi there folks, what’s the longest non-stop flight (1 takeoff 1 landing) you’ve ever successfully attempted with a narrowbody aircraft listed below? Just landed my 4300nmi flight from NTAA at KIAH in a 737-700SF, which took 8hrs 58mins.

top 15 record of each aircraft family will be listed here

Airbus A320 Family (A318/319/320/321)
@anon70772274 A321(SL) YSSY-VTBU 13h2m
@AdamCallow A321(SL) HECA-KDCA 12h20m
@virginatlantic28 A321(SL) EFHK-VHHH 12h19m
@Captain_Tank A321 EGLL-FIMP 10h48m
@zooroo_fpv A321P2F(SL) LGAV-RJTT 10h15m
@AirSerene A321(SL) BIKF-OMAA 8h36m
@IFliPlanes A318 EGLC-KJFK 7h57m
@zooroo_fpv A320 VHHH-YBBN 7h52m
@Elvan_MakoTo A320 LFBO-KJFK 7h34m
@NathanD A318 KJFK-EGLC 6h35m
@KGJT-9149 A320(SL) PANC-RJAA 6h28m
@InfiniteFlight48 A321(SL) KPHL-EGLL 6h13m
@Suhas A320 KBOS-KSAN 5h50m
@Qantas094 A318 EGLC-CYYG 5h18m
@bcc.123 A320 CYYZ-TNCA 4h1m

Boeing 717 Family (717-200)
@zooroo_fpv B712 RJBB-VTUW 4h51m
@Charles_L B712 YPPH-YPAD 2h47m
@KGJT-9149 B712 KDEN-KIAD 2h25m
@anon70772274 B712 YSSY-YMHB 1h55m

Boeing 737NG Family (737-700/800/900)
@AdamCallow B739 KJFK-PHNL 11h17m
@zooroo_fpv B737SF NTAA-KIAH 8h58m
@anon2063420 B738 LFPO-KCLT 8h57m
@Linox B738 ENGM-KJFK 7h28m
@CarlosFunes B738 KMIA-SBBR 6h50m
@Suhas B738 MPTO-KSFO 6h49m
@Lucas_Piedra B738 SUMU-MPTO 6h43m
@anon57683537 B738 MPTO-SCEL 6h35m
@Lucas_Piedra B739 KFLL-KSEA 6h34m
@Lucas_Piedra B737 KEWR-KOAK 6h17m

Boeing 737 BBJ1/2/3
@Koby_Thomas B737(BBJ1) YSSY-KJFK 15h52m
@UnitedFlyer777 B737(BBJ1) SPQU-OIIE 15h39m
@anon57683537 B737(BBJ1) KCOS-ENGM 9h43m
@Suhas B737(BBJ1) EGGW-KDEN 9h10m

Boeing 757 Family (757-200)
@anon70772274 YSSY-WSSS 10h1m
@Emiel_l B752 ESSA-KJFK 8h20m
@steven_lowe1 B752 KJFK-ESSA 7h51m

Embraer E-Jet Family (E170/175/190/195)
@Suhas E175 KPDX-KDAL 3h28m
@KGJT-9149 E190 KGJT-KJFK 3h12m
@KGJT-9149 E170 KGJT-KDCA 3h4m

Bombardier CRJ Family (CRJ2/7/9/X)
@AdamCallow CRJX LFBO-OKBK 5hr22m
@Sunseeker58 CRJ7 KIAH-KBOI 3h30m
@KGJT-9149 CRJ2 KATL-KGJT 2h56m
@anon57683537 CRJ7 KIAD-KSAV 1h20m

DHC Dash 8 Q400
@anon70772274 YSSY-NZNV 7h42m
@AdamCallow DH8D YBBN-YPPH 6h56m
@Lucas_Piedra DH8D BGGH-BIKF 2h48m
@zooroo_fpv DH8F TJSJ-MKJP 2h7m
@anon57683537 DH8D EDDF-LOWI 55m

As usual, you’ll need to provide an evidence photo showing “1 landing” for your record’s listing. Thanks for participating.


Changed it to #live for you since it fits better in that category.


Were’s the Boeing 737-700 BBJ?


I’m pretty sure -700 includes the BBJ.


It’s separate from the -700


I did 3:53 in a E175

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Any picture @Suhas?

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700BBJ is not the same in IF. The BBJ has a farther range than the -700 alone. In the BBJ you can go well over 12hrs of flight time compared to the 700s 8hrs

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Welcome aboard sir.

Shouldn’t the 757 be up there, it is a narrow body

Thanks for the mention.

My longest flight in a narrow body plane was an a320 from Toronto Person to Queen Beatrix International Airport in Aruba. This is a real life route with this aircraft. In real life it’s a five hour flight. I must’ve gone a little fast.


The BBJ should be separate because it has about 6 more hours of fuel compared to the other 737s

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I flew a 737-800 from MPTO to KSFO it was like almost 7 hours I did it with @Armani_B


Ya it was awesome 😎👍🏽

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I flew the British Airways A318 from KJFK to EGLC the flight time was 6 hours and 35 minutes


Dublin to Providence, RI and Dublin to Hamilton, ON with the Norwegian 737-800. Clocked in around 7 hours or so.


I did 6h in a 737, the passengers weren’t very comfortable


Evidence photos please @Nathan @NathanD @Suhas @Armani_B.