Longest General Aviation Flight

By the name of the topic it Longest General Aviation Flight so flight time.

@Qantas094 Okay, thanks! I may start one for the longest distance. Would you mind if I followed the format of this one?

You’re welcome mate, sure why not but I’m only taking the flight time.

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Finally! Some records I can actually break.

XCub: 3:40

It would have been 4:44 if my app didn’t crash 1 hour in, so second it is.

Well congratulations @Trio

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I’m goin for the longest flight in the Cessna citation tonight

Good luck mate

I’m not gonna lie, even though the Cessna Citation X (c750) is a GA aircraft, it’s a high performance jet aircraft. I can’t see that much thought is put into those time records.

My humble opinion is to just have prop & turbo prop aircraft on this list.

@Qantas094 Great page you have made. Well done.

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Thanks mate, I will keep the citation as it’s a General aviation aircraft

Record SR22 record, YSSY to YDOD

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Done mate you are 1st again, congratulations

I got one for tbm and one for cirrus

0:46 on spitfire KLAX-KSAN

I just did an SR22 flight, can you confirm that you did only one landing in the SR22. I found it very hard to believe that you id a 6 hour flight in the SR22.

The logbook doesn’t take into account if you have landed more then once, so it’s not a form of solid proof.


IMO, one continuous flight with stops should count as it’s still considered a “flight”.

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That is correct but as the rules state:

It doesn’t count.
Maybe ask @Qantas094.

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If there was a pit stop then it’s not allowed

Almost the whole time I had a nice 30 knot tailwind I also used the app called windy to help me with it

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