Longest General Aviation Flight

G’day all, what’s your longest logged flight in a general aviation aircraft?

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Cub Crafters

Place Name Departure Airport Destination Flight Time Aircraft
1st @JamesQFA380 YMML YCFS 04:32 XCub
2nd @Marc LFMN LIBR 04:06 XCub
3rd @Trio C055 KSUX 03:40 XCub
4th @Ayush_Mathur VI71 VAUD 03:36 XCub
5th @LegendaryRoro88 KSFO KLAX 03:23 XCub
6th @The_Geniusman N87 CDU9 02:46 XCub
7th @Qantas094 KVLL KPWK 02:21 XCub
8th @Qantas094 KEWR NY54 02:19 XCub


Place Name Departure Airport Destination Flight Time Aircraft
1st @JamesQFA380 YSSY VNKT 16:14 Citation X
2nd @Doonies KMIA FAOR 13:46 Citation X
3rd @NorthernSkyy EDDF UEMH 10:13 Citation X
4th @KennedyTurner KLAX RJTT 10:03 Citation X
5th @Captain_Hoss PHOG YSSY 09:51 Citation X
6th @N801VP LIMC KPSM 09:05 Citation X
7th @The_Geniusman KTTN 3WA1 04:36 Citation X


Place Name Departure Airport Destination Flight Time Aircraft
1st @JamesQFA380 YSSY YSNF 06:22 TBM-930
2nd @Vosfihalo CYYT EGPK 06:04 TBM-930
3rd @Marc NZCI NWWW 06:03 TBM-930
4th @Mohammad_Siddiqui YPPH YSSY 05:45 TBM-930
5th @Nycjacob KPDK KBNG 05:44 TBM-930
6th @Deercrusher PHOG KSNA 05:40 TBM-930
7th @Dutch_Wings CYYT EHAM 05:23 TBM-930
8th @Ayush_Mathur VI40 VCBI 04:49 TBM-930
9th @Daniel_Moreno1 MMAN KGRB 04:26 TBM-930
9th @The_Geniusman LTAF OOSH 04:26 TBM-930
10th @USA007 OPKC VRMM 04:23 TBM-930


Place Name Departure Airport Destination Flight Time Aircraft
1st @JamesQFA380 YPDN CPN 06:16 SR22
2nd @Vosfihalo TIST KSGJ 05:30 SR22
3rd @JamesQFA380 YSSY YDOD 05:26 SR22
4th @Nycjacob KPDK KTEB 03:59 SR22
5th @nincombop EGGW ES08 03:12 SR22
6th @JamesQFA380 YSSY YTAL 01:30 SR22


Place Name Departure Airport Destination Flight Time Aircraft
1st @JamesQFA380 YSSY YWVA 01:15 Spitfire MK VIII
2nd @Harry_Gorman KLAX KSAN 00:46 Spitfire MK VIII
3rd @KGJT-9149 RJST RJTL 00:35 Spitfire MK VIII

Lockheed Martin

Place Name Departure Airport Destination Flight Time Aircraft
1st @JamesQFA380 YSSY YSWK 01:20 P-38
2nd @Marc PGUM PGSN 01:09 P-38
3rd @Qantas094 KPSP KHMT 00:29 P-38
4th @JamesQFA380 YSSY YSBK 00:25 P-38
5th @LegendaryRoro88 KHAF CL77 00:13 P-38
6th @Qantas094 KSFO KSJC 00:07 P-38

I hope you enjoy all of the results. I hope you make it to the top ten on the list. Before you all ask yes you can fly on solo and do circles as long as you land at a different airport. You can submit more than one for each aircraft example: I flow from YMML-YSSY in the XCub with a flight time of 2 hours and I flow from YSSY-YBCG with a flight time of 2 hours.


You can make it a wiki too so us Regulars can edit the post.


Wilco mate.

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Challenge accepted


Has to be my flight in the TBM from KBOS-KSAV. Flight time: 3:26min

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Done you have now been added.

I hate not being a regular 😂… I’ll see if I can try something later, probably get up to a stupid altitude in Florida and glide the way down…

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TBM-930: 4hr 23min


Added you @USA007

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I don’t really think a C-130 is a GA aircraft though.


Spitfire RJST-RJTL


Cub flight

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TBM flight

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Honestly don’t remember the time as it’s not in my replays anymore after the Google play issue cleared my replays. But I went from KCUH to KIRK in a 172

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C750 flight


Made a Trans-Pacific Crossing in the TBM930 not once but twice. Flight time was 5:40hrs. Ran out of fuel on a short final of about 5nm from the end of the runway. The initial plan was to go from PHNL to KSFO but we weren’t going to make it after getting closer. Made a diversion to KHAF instead. The second trip was from PHOG to KSNA where I averaged 75kt tailwinds and ended up landing with 10% fuel. KHAF, didn’t even have fumes in the tanks.

The key to making this crossing is that you need tailwinds of 55kts or more for the entire trip. Without the winds its not possible.


Wow. That’s impressive right there

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Ok well that’s insane. I did something like that in a C750 for 13 hours and I ran out of fuel right before decent

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Ah, good old times when KHAF basically was the main hub for every pilot in the San Francisco region…

I might gonna challenge you on that one. Wanted to do a TBM „long haul“ for quite some time now, and this one sounds like a good idea. Quite impressive though!


If you’re up for an extra challenge (even though its not GA), the C130 is a great aircraft for overnighter flights. Does a 13-14hr trip easily. 🙂