Longest Flight

What is the longest non-stop flight record on Infinite Flight?

Ive once gotten 74hrs on the KC10 refueler with in-sky refueling. Im interesting in breaking the current Infinite Flight record so if anybody knows it please let me know!

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Oh yeah this was fun. Also I realized after doing fuel numbers that I might’ve been able to edge out a little bit more with a DC10 as opposed to a DC10F if anyone wants to try that.

Would it count as breaking the record though if i refuel aerially? Thats my intention, im also trying to find out my ipads limit.

Technically that is still nonstop but it’s the same energy as using legendaries in Pokémon or auto steer in Mario Kart

No. The purpose of it being “non-stop” is to see who can go the most time without refueling, not how good of an iPad you have.

My longest flight is EGLL - EHAM (El Classico) takes at least 45 min. But if i need to have a record, I can work on it and can make 45 hrs. But i don’t believe aircraft can fly 90 hrs without refuelling.🦠

Check my topic, the documentation is all there.

In real life no, but with Infinite Flight’s sometimes quite broken physics yes

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