Longest flight

What is the longest flight an airliner can fly in IF?

The sim is called Infinite Flight.


I know that!

I think direct route is WSSS-WMKK but I could be wrong.

It’s a shortcut.

No, I was answering your question. Infinite means forever, so you can fly forever.


But that topic doesn’t realy tell it only say how to jump from region to another.

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Oh I think I understand. You want to know which plane can fly the longest in IF. All of the planes can fly the same amount of time as Fuel wasting hasn’t been implemented as yet.

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The longest flight is done in terms of how dedicated are you to stay on your mobile device for hours, a flight is as long as you make it and for me they are usually quite short haha


But we can’t made “Infinite” Flight for now.

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I think JFK-SYD would be the longest after global.
Hey SYZ-LAX is also gonna be long

No I mean in distance

Do you personally find WSSS-WMKK a long route if you do fly it?

You can fly in circles forever currently.


That’s the real meaning of “infinite” lol

So I wonder if they’re going to implement Fuel Usage in the name of “Infinite” :3

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The answer remains the same you can fly for as long as you want the longer you fly the more distance you will cover its not a well thought question as such


I fly pretty much 3 hours a day… so there are no limits in my side

Pretty sure PHNL to PHTO covers the max