Longest Flight

What is the longest flight you have ever piloted on IF? Mine took 1.6 hours and was 221 NM.


What was that flight? In which region?

My longest flight is simply à Kuala Lumpur - Singapore Changi.

Interesting topic! ;)


Mine was in the Chicago region, which I believe is the biggest. I flew from one side to the other. WI72-IN55

I did lax to Colorado and back. But idk how long it’s was

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Ok, thanks for the info!

But what do you mean by “flight”?

For example is 1 flight:
Kuala Lumpur - Singapore Changi - Kuala Lumpur or is It just KL - Singapore?

It’s not possible to hop from one region to another in Infinite Flight.

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You can you just have to pause and let it fly once you leave the region area or leave a spoon on the throttle


Once you enter the new region everything is pink or looks like fog almost

I do the the long haul flights for the American virtual airline

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Wait what?

Please explain how to accomplish flying between regions.

Long live the DC-9!

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Alright give me a sec

Yes please do explain!

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Ok so you can fly to any region just like a real flight. Once you leave the region you took off from the auto pilot will disconnect and you have to hand fly while hold the the throttle up because air to pilot won’t work outside the region. So then you can either pause the game and you will still be flying just as if auto pilot was on, or you can put a spoon over the throttle and leave it there

Really? I’m going to have to test this out after I’m done in Hawaii

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How do you control which region you “merge” into?

You have use liveflightpp I’ll get you link

http://www.liveflightapp.com You use this to track where you are


That’s very interesting . That should be its own topic!

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It was a while ago When people just started to figure all this out

Thanks for letting me know!

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