Longest flight you’ve done on Infinite Flight & in real life?

In IF: WSSS to KJFK 18hrs and 35 min
In RL: EDDM to WSSS 11hrs and 10 min

My longest flights

Irl: LHR-HND In a JAL 777 300ER took about 13hrs

IF: idk?

Did a full 59 Hour flight,
Las Vegas → Atlanta
Johannesburg->Cape Town
Cape Town->Atlanta
Atlanta → Detroit
Detroit → Seoul
Seoul->Las Vegas
59 Flight hours in total

Longest Flight I’ve done IRL is a Tampa(KTPA) to San Diego (KSAN) Which was around 4ish hours.

I’ve been on a 737 MAX for 8 1/2 hours

IF: 17 Hours HAAB - KLAX
IRL: 8 1/2 hours - tie between LFPG - KJFK, EHAM - KJFK , and KEWR - PANC

Wow I know someone who has been on a red eye flight on a 737 max

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My longest flight in Infinite Flight is from Manila to New York almost 17 hours of flight time in real life I haven’t yet ridden on an airplane I hope one day I can ride and eventually fly an aircraft

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IF: 19 hours
IRL 15 hours (EGLL - RJTT)

Infinite Flight: New York (KJFK) → Singapore Changi (WSSS) = 17:08

IRL: Vancouver (CYVR) → Frankfurt (EDDF) = ~12:00

Welp time to update mine!

Longest in IF: 31 hours and 36 minutes, Auckland- jfk and back.

Irl: a sad and flimsy two and a half hours :( (jfk-Srq) I am a big Florida flyer, Srq is my vacation house but I’ve also arrived in from Tampa, and mco.

KEWR-WSSS (18:17)
UUEE-VRMM (don’t remember the exact time unfortunately 😅)

thats my home airport!

yeah, i know I’m a little late to respond

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IF: Longest non stop EIDW-NZAA (Dublin-Auckland) 21 hours (this was an event and it included 1hour and 30 minutes of patterns and 1 go around (for me)
IF: Longest with stops SKBO-SAEZ-LEMD-LIRF-SKBO-KMIA, the next flights were KMIA-SBGR-OTHH-LSZH-SKBO but the app crashed, idk how much time did it all take me
IRL: Idk how much time but it was LTFM-KJFK or LEMD-SKBO, they r the same distance but i dont remember how much time did it take

I realized your pfp was AF, My pfp is from rdu too

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nice! what airline is that taking off?

I’d guess Bahamasair, or Avelo

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Its a Swift air 734 thats usually a sports charter


IRL: Charlotte to Las Vegas on a 777
Vancouver to New york(ewr)
IF: i don’t even know ngl

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IF: 10 hrs Gatwick to Los Angeles

Irl: 11 hours Los Angeles to nadi

IF: 16hr- Dubai to Auckland
IRL: 10hr- Mumbai to London