Longest flight yet

Last night I started my flight from Tokyo-New York and it is the longest flight I have done yet because I have only had IF for 4 Months now so enjoy

Aircraft: A350-900
Server: Training
Livery: Cathey pacific
Flight Time: 11:46 minutes

Climbing out of Tokyo

This was after I woke up over Canada

Just entered New York


On Final Runway 22L

Parked at the gate while starting engine shutdown

Waiting in my seat

Doors open

I hope you enjoyed


Nice job and amazing photos!

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Thank you it was amazing


I bet it was!

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Really nice. Was it a good feeling when it comes to descent after hours ? 😊 I know this

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I am doing a group flight with @StuntPilot82
In just under 1 hour KMIA-KJFK
Any D gate will do

Yeah it does feel good but I slept most of the flight so I just landed 3 hours ago

Do you know: ‘‘I hope I will wake up early enough tomorrow to not missing TOD.’’
and double checking device status battery screen brightness and so on before you can calm down to sleep

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Thanks for the edvice

Nice pics! Just wanted to let you know your first image didn’t load :)

Yeah I saw that it wasn’t a good one anyway

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Very nice pics. Oh wait a minute, one more time and I saw your picture list number 3 unfortunately just follow rules. #Screenshots_and_Videos_Category

The mods what did he say.

Did stunt pilot even come?