Longest Flight that You Have Experienced

There was no 21 hour flight was there

Mine was from Poland to Boston in one flight. But I did Charlotte-san jaun-Washington dc and then back to Charlotte in one day

I Flew DFW-SYD it’s a 17 hour flight. Also the longest flight in the world. QF8

It’s the New C-130J model Props

Mine is a 16 hour and 36 minute flight from ORD-BOM

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That’s not one flight…

A tie between Brisbane to Dallas, TX 15.5 block and Dallas to Kuwait


Ok… Max

YVR-HKG on a bad day. 14 1/2 hours onboard AC’s 777. At least it was an old one with a 3-3-3 configuration.

Longest travel day was 31 hours, 3 flights and 6 hours of connections. And got hassled by the TSA, the flying was good though. Slept for a loooooong time afterwards.

18 hours and it was the worst ever

Sq-22 route was longer

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Zurich - Hong Kong
Zurich - Los Angeles

With the best company : Swiss <3
With the A340-300


Los Angeles - Hong Kong or Los Angeles to Auckland

LA-HK was on a Cathay Pacific 747, and LA-Auckland was on a Air New Zealand 747. Both were about 16 hours of flying time

That flight no longer exists

Yes but im sying i was on one of those flights

Zurich-Tokio (12 hours)

Zurich-Hong Kong with circling around Hong Kong (because if a storm) for several hours.
Flight: 12 hours + about 3 hours delay
I did enjoy these extra (th/f)ree hours in Swiss business ;)

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Wow, You must be soo lucky

Mine was 14 hours from AKL to SYD to LAX.

For a single leg - 13hr Singapore - Frankfurt. One of those great flights where you’re stuck right in the middle of an old 747 with no individual inflight entertainment and in the centre-most seats. As far as total flight time - 32 hours on the return trip from Kyev - Frankfurt - Singapore - Melbourne