Longest Flight that You Have Experienced

DEN-MCO on a United 739. 3 hrs 35 min

Looks like a civilian " J" to me. Can’t see the fuselage for BuNumbers, the forward numbering 472 is kinda traditional. The Fin markings look like a Logo,
If you have a Logo Directory with a design search capability you could possibly I’d the owner… Where was it taken. Looks lick Osh Gosh? Regards, Ron

DTW-AMS is my longest. (Just DTW-AMS would be less than 10 characters)

Singapore airlines also did a Newark to Singapore route, but it was ended.

I flew that route

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I fly every other year, DEN-TAO. Usually routed DEN-LAX-PEK or ICN-TAO

Longest flight I have taken was IAH - FRA, Airbus A380, 9hrs 50min.

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Melbourne AUS to Aspen CO via LAX and DEN
Well worth it! Spent a week at Keystone resort. :-)

Maybe a Super… I noted the props to… I could not tell from the glare there true shape Plus they were in a “Park/Feather” position. I keyed on the prominent chin. @Boeing707 okay expert over to, you track the pic back pls
Tell us true. Max Sends

Punta Gorda (PGB)

There are two guys behind the Maxmustang account or one’s a nickname?

It’s a Lockheed C-130J Super Hercules. At least based off of the propellers.


Same like the one who Crashed on Medan, Indonesia 😢. RIP

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was on a 777

They Retired the Route and Their A340

Yes but i flew it

Woah Youre Lucky

Emirates EK21 - Manchester to Dubai in an A380. Only 7 hours though.

4 hours, 16 minutes. EGCC - LTBS (MAN - DLM) http://www.travelmath.com/flying-time/from/Manchester,+United+Kingdom/to/Dalaman,+Turkey

@Boeing707. One guy one account, used real name, my bust & a good catch…
Super, got it… Do good work… Max