Longest Flight that depart from KBOS

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What is the longest flight that depart from KBOS in real life?

Where can I fly to for 17-19 hours if I took off from KBOS in Infinite flight?

Where can I fly to for 8 hours if I took off from KBOS in Infinite flight?


@Daniel_Cerritos and @Nathan can tell you all about KBOS. But I think JAL flys to KBOS from Haneda. And British Airways does KBOS to EGLL. Cathay Pacific does VHHH to KBOS so the options are looking pretty good.

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I will ask him
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The longest flight that departs from Boston is KBOS(Boston) to VHHH(Hong Kong). It’s 16 hours long. It’s operated by Cathay Pacific on their 777-300ER.

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Well, @Nathan knows as well, as he lives in the boston area. I know because I only live about a 50 minute drive (depending on traffic) to Boston.

@SimpleWaffles is correct. That flight is 15-16 hours long.

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If it is 16, I will really be happy

How long will a flight take to NZAA? or YSSY?

There aren’t any real world flights from Boston to Oceania but my estimate is about 20 hours.

Ik there is not, 20 hours is so much!

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it’s actually narita xd

if you’re interested Cathay Pacific flies there to Hong Kong, that’s about 15:10

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Thanks @Delta319

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Although not as long, but close enough we have Hainan Airlines which flies a 787 to Shaghai. Which is a 14hr flight. I’d say it may be a close 2nd place. @Nathan, could you confirm that, please? :)


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Thank you guys for all the suggestions!

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If you happen to chose to fly with Hainan, just a quick reminder that we currently don’t have the livery nor callsign, so you’d have to use the Generic 787-9 and the callsign: HU7962

Also the flight continues to Chongqing from Shanghai :)

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That’s correct. Boston to Beijing is close behind in 3rd. :)

We have the callsign, just not the livery. Special request by me. 😊


Oh, we do? Wow thanks. Now I need to plan new flight, haha. That’s great news. Thanks a lot Nathan 😄