Longest flight possible? (Suggestions)

Hello! I am wondering to fly from KSEA-RJTT but including crossing the atlantic, going over EU, then to Asia.

Also my Aircraft is a A350-900. Can it reach my destination?

Also, other ideas of longest flight possible?

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moscow to tokyo

If you have put maximum fuel, step climbing, and m0.85 then yes with plenty fuel left

I consider that as a pretty short one. I wanted is from 16-20 hours.

bermuda to jakarta

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What about Doha to Los Angeles or Manila To New York


Yeah, I would put max. fuel. but i am not started yet.

Hmm, sounds like a good idea.

has very good s c e n e r y

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Yeah have no passengers and cargo and initial altitude of FL380 is possible

If realism is your thing then:

I think it doesnt happen anymore but the longest direct flight is NZAA - EGLL via KLAX but if you dont have time to land then that is around 23 hrs nonstop. flown as NZ1 in a NZ 789. if you want to be fully realistic the flight stops for 1 hr at KLAX. if your looking for the longest non stop flight that has happened in the real world then look no further then Air Tahiti Nui 789 that flew non stop from NTAA - LFPG .

in terms of time wise and no realism then if you fly from BIKF to NZAA in the A350 and step climb and do everything to minimise the fuel burn then that is around a 24 hr + flight non stop

Hope this helps



Thanks. Im gonna do the Realism 100 thing

Try out Singapore to Quito. 12,262 miles, around 24-25 hours of flight time probably.

Yeah I am finishing up phillipines to Newark on the a350-900. During climb, it’s showing not enough fuel. But when in cruise it says it would go for 21 hours. I had 100 people and 0 cargo.

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I managed 25 hours nonstop from Perth to Maputo in the A350, flying over Brisbane and South America (following the winds). I adjusted the altitude between FL310 and 350 along the way - this was most efficient. Cruise was at M0.85.

I planned the flight using windy.com (adjust the altitude in the website) and found waypoints in IF. Just fully load the fuel tanks and remove all cargo/passengers and you’re good to go.

I just did a flight from Perth to Los Angeles on the 787-9. It is completely possible with full fuel tanks. I even had 3 hours worth of feul left. It’s a great 16 hour flight especialley for getting XP and getting good flight time!

I recommend JFK (KJFK) to Manila (RPLL) on the Philippine Airlines A350.

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So get this. You will never have to fly more than 21 hours, about the time it takes to get half way around the world. If you are flying more than that, you likely are flying more than half way around the world and that’s not the most efficient route.

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You could try “project sunrise” by flying from London/ New York to the East Coast of Australia by using B789/A388 or A359

I’ve made a flight with the A350 from London Heathrow—new Zealand

Almost 20 hours of flight, I really recommend it haha it was a lovely flight