Longest Flight I've Done

This was my longest flight I have done. It was a 14 hr over night flight of WSSS-EGLL.

Server: Expert. Departure:2021-10-09T04:00:00Z Arrival: 2021-10-09T17:45:00Z

1.) Parked at the gate fileing the flight plan.

2.) Taxiing with a FedEx MD-11F in the background

3.) Still taxiing to Rwy 20R with a closer look to the FedEx

4.) Finally took off after a 10min taxi

5.) Reached a cruise alt of FL360

6.) A pic when I was sleeping 😴

7.) Started descending as soon as I woke up. Lol. Perfect

8.) On for landing at Rwy 09R

9.) Cool pic of me, a Cargolux 748, and a Virgin Atlantic a333

10.) The taxiing to part # actually ended. Lol. Arrived at the gate with a Virgin a333.

Over all, a very bumpy flight but great flight and a butter landing. Plz rate bellow in comments on ur favorite shot.


Hi man,

Very nice, but sorry, unfortunately the mods what did he say in rule do the pick up best your pictures enough 10 pics limited and 3 picture list can remove it.

Follow in rules #screenshots-and-videos Category for allowing best 10 pictures limited to continue the read, please. It fixed this the topic, please. Thank you for understanding.

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Route? @Ryan_boi

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Ok. Thx . I’ll work on it rn

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No problem.

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Oh, funny! I’m flying that route right now! :-)

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Lol. Can u send me the landing if able?

Yeah! Just give me 11.5 hours lol.

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Here are a few pics!


NOICE. I see u did it in a a330? Great pics tho