Longest flight ive done so far

My first flight over 2 hours! It was just over 8 hours figured I would share the experience.

8 hours and 45 minutes from PANC to KMIA beautiful flight very little wind or traffic on the training server.

  • note the flight was done at night but pictures wouldn’t come out well

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Great photos! Cheers to longer. 🤙

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What did i do wrong?

You did nothing wrong. Great photos!

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How come you entered Florida from the Keys, usually you would enter by the gulf of Mexico .

Beautiful Flight BTW, I did the same flight but I did a American 738 to KSEA then Alaska 739 to PANC

It doesn’t have to follow the template exactly to my knowledge. All of the info is there. 🙂

I knew i wouldnt wake up exactly on time to land so I kept it in a holding pattern over the keys

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These are really vibrant, nice photos. Good work and keep it up!

That’s amazing. I love flying from Miami to Havana because of the beautiful path it takes through the keys. I also live in Miami so we have a house in the keys right near the airport. So I love plane spotting.

I bet that sounds great I’ve got another flight I will post tomorrow that i did accross just the keys

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Nice pictures! Good Job! 👍👍👍

Stunning scenery!

That’s awesome man! I saw you when I was taking off from Miami to London. I saw you on liveflight and I was like, hey thats a cool flight! I also thought it was cooll that you decided to go over the keys!