Longest flight I've completed so far

Today was the longest and best flight I’ve ever completed in infinte flight.
The route was from EGLL Heathrow to KLAX Los Angeles with the British Airways Boeing 747-400.
I set the fuel to 100% (17 hours) and taxied to the Runway, and waited for about 15 minutes to get the clearance to take off from EGLL Runway 09R.

While I was climbing to 34000ft at a VS of 2100fpm, fuel remaining was 9:24hrs and I had a flight time of 10:34 hrs left.
I changed cruise altitude to 30000ft and the whole flight went all fine and amazing.
I got tired of monitoring the aircraft all day but finally arrived to KLAX and landed at Runway 25L without any violation(s) and 13% (57 minutes) fuel remaining, taxied to parking, switched all lights and engines off, and was happy that I earned 11 hours and many XP (s).
When I wanted to end flight, the application crashed and all 11 hours of flying went for nothing, no Landing counted, no flight time or XP. Just nothing. 11 hours of time wasting :(

Any ideas to get the issue solved?


Unfortunately there is nothing you can do in afraid.

Although there is no way to get back the XP you lost, we can try and help you prevent crashes in the future.
So, what device were you flying on?

So 11 hours of flying for no reason.

The device I’m using is a Samsung galaxy s6 Edge.

Unfortunately yes that is the case, Can you also provide your settings?

Try these before you do a long flight again, Thanks.

Before doing a long flight, try the following:

  • Reboot your device
  • Close all background running apps
  • Put your device in do not disturb mode to prevent notifications
  • Ensure low power mode is on in the sim.
  • Lower your graphics settings - Some devices the crash is due to the OS running out of resources and lowering graphics settings can help.
  • Turn down your screen brightness.

Uh XP is a rolling count. First and for most get that out of the way. The Op definitely got XP for the 11 hours. However idk about the landing.


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Yeah, You should have got the XP, It refreshes and is added to your stats every couple of minutes.


I would all your stats at medium then try again.

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No need to post them again 🙂

I’ll suggest this. dont do a log haul with max settings. Have them on max for takeoff and up till 10,000 ft. Then turn everything to low. It saves space and requires less device performance. Then when you’re descending into the active airspace set your settings back up. Shouldn’t have any issues.

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Hold on a sec.
@GhostCustoms, Was the airport you landed at busy (lots of planes there)?

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It’s KLAX in the Training Server so probably yes.

Lots of aircraft in a certain vicinity can lead up to a crash since the device is working so hard. KLAX on training server is notorious for lots of traffic. Try lowering your aircraft count in settings under the live setting. :)

Sometimes if you experience a crash the next flight you do will help to “push” the stats to the server. Try doing another flight and see if there is an update.

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Usually, at least when I expirienced Crashes, Flighttime as well as XP are saved during the Flight. Check your logbook, the Flight should be there, just without the Destination Airport

Just flew from Newark to Singapore and the app crashed right on short final. This always happens to me.

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