Longest flight in world

@Shafran 16-19 hours depending on winds.


Here are some of the longest

WSSS-KEWR Singapore A350
YPPH-EGLL Qantas 787-9
NZAA-OTHH Qatar 777-200LR

Are a few of the worlds longest. (All realistic). And you can always fly the return instead of the outbound


OTHH he meant


A list of the world’s longest flights can be found here:


Correct. I did

Here are some realistic routes flown using the liveries found in Infinite Flight. Take a look and find one that is perhaps interesting to you.

You might want to comb through these and look for a flight to fly. Personally, and as @TheAviationGallery has mentioned earlier, SQ21/22 which flies from WSSS-KEWR-WSSS is a great ultra long haul flight.


Thank you, all!

Hey! The longest flight is Singapore - Newark taking about 18-20 hours depending on wind. Singapore Airlines A359

A flight longer then that is London - Sydney with takes about 19-21 hours depending on wind too. But the thing is, this route will take place soon. (It has not been started yet by Qantas). Qantas B789

Also one question, just wondering, what is the worlds longest Boeing 777-300ER flight?

There has been a test flight (Project Sunrise) which was operated as a delivery flight for the 787 but if Qantas do start it, it will be in the future either in the 777X or A350ULR

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Might be one of the Arab carriers to the west coast of America. Might be in the order of 16 hours or so.


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No word on when it would be starting especially so in current times, and Qantas has announced that they would fly this route with the A350-1000ULR which would be specially made for Qantas by Airbus.

No clue why i put 2021. 🤦‍♂️


Wished IF could add it :) (the A350-1000ULR)

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Auckland to Dubai with Emirates (EK449).


I thought this was flown with the A380, making it the longest A380 route in the world.

That’s only around 16-17 hours :(

Looks like I was mistaken then. This is the longest B777-300ER route in the world


Oh wow! Thanks.

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