Longest Flight in the WORLD

Hello! I JUST took off from YSSY and will do the soon to happen “longest flight in the world” YSSY-KJFK. It’s about 17 hours. Since its an overnight and i’m getting ready to go to bed, I want you guys to track me on live flight! Im in a Singapore A350 and my call sign is “Singapore 350 Heavy.” It on expert server too. Anyways i’m hoping to see a few people waiting for me a KJFK (if anyone see’s this post.) I will also post the landing on my youtube! “Jayzers Aviation” currently at 300 subscribers. That mean NO TROLLING. Happy flying!


the longest is WSSS-KJFK, 18 hours.


Found you on infiniteX! You still have a loooong way to go haha


You still have a very long way to go!


Expect an F18 to escort 🗿

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@Southwest_2115 SWAAAAAAAAAAA!

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