Longest flight in the world

I took the Singapore airlines a350 for a flight from Singapore Changi to New York Newark. I have done this flight a while ago before they started to flew to JFK airport. They now fly to JFK airport because during the Covid pandemic they fly more cargo than passengers and JFK has better cargo connections than Newark. The flight took around seventeen hours long and the cruise speed was mach 0.86. I’ve used the step climb method. When we flew above the north of Alaska, it was dark the whole time even it was in the early afternoon. The flight took place on the expert server.

Information about this flight;

 • Server: expert server 
 • Aircraft: Airbus A350-900ULR 
 • Livery: Singapore airlines 
 • Route: WSSS - KEWR 
 • Callsign: Singapore 24 Heavy 
 • Altitude: fl350 - fl370 - fl390 - fl410 - fl430 
 • Speed: mach 0.86 
 • Flight time: 17 hours and 12 minutes

Singapore 24 heavy, requesting pushback.

Starting the takeoff roll with a triple seven going around on the other runway.




Sunrise above Canada.

Climbing to fl430.

Turning final.

An Airbus a350 buttering the runway.


Tomorrow I’ll post a special topic when I reach the 15.000 flight hours!

And I’ve tried some new angles, let me know what you think about the angles.


I flew the same route but in the other direction

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Doing that one next week.

Is a very nice flight. Enjoy!!

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Good flight but thats not the longest flight in the world :)

I thought it was 😟

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It is but i have some informations qantas did a flight from New York to Sydney

Yep! I know this route very well. I used to go to newark all the time

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Yes they did but that was only one time for some research for the double sunrise program.

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17hrs🤣🤣…my boy u can do this flight in 15hrs if you cruise at 25,000ft for most of the way (7,000nm)…then when at a lighter weight, increase your altitude to whatever you want…I find cruising at 25,000ft in the a350 works wonders for me…save the same amount of fuel I would at higher altitudes, but I get more speed at 25-28,000ft than I do at altitudes above 30,000ft…

But that’s just for wsss - kfjk or kewr