Longest Flight in the World -- KJFK - WSSS

Over the past 18 hours, I have been flying a Singapore Airlines Airbus A350 on the world’s longest commercial flight from John F. Kennedy (JFK) to Singapore Changi (WSSS). Overall, wheels were up for 18hrs. 10min., with an overall distance of 10,400 miles. I didn’t get many good pictures this time, but here’s a couple.

One of two pictures departing out of New York. This one with JFK tower in the background

The second picture was taken departing New York. This time is taken below the aircraft upon retracting the wheels.

Last but not least, my arrival in Changi. Taken with the aircraft on final approach, and fully configured for landing.

Which photo was your favorite?
  • Departing JFK (tower in the background)
  • Departing JFK (aircraft belly)
  • Arrival in Singapore Changi

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Flight Info

Route: KJFK - WSSS
Time: 18 hrs. 47min (Overall)
Aircraft: Airbus A350
Server: Training


That pic with the tower 😍

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Wow, splendid 🤩

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