Longest Flight in the World Completed! (KJFK-WSSS)

Hello there, IFC community!

I hope you guys have had a good week as it is Friday! Today I just finished my top 5 ULH flight from New York (KJFK) - Singapore (WSSS)! The flight time was 19 hours! This got me past the minimum hours of flight time to successfully qualify for Grade 4! Now all I have to do is get 70 landings. Seems easy right? No, it won’t be. 😂

Anyway, no more talking, let’s get into the handful of beautiful photos I took on the way!


Was this flight overnight?

Yes it was.

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Quick question do you leave seatbelts on or off because I get confused what to put on while I’m asleep

I leave them off because the winds should die down over the atlantic and middle-east.

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Although if you want to be realistic you can check your flight plan and correspond that with checking the winds for the path you will take so you know when to keep it on or off.

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Congratulations for this iconical flight in Real life and IF!
Greetings from Dallas

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Thank you!

Now all that’s left is Project Sunrise

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