Longest Flight In My IF Career

Whats Up IFC, On November 18 2019, I Performed A Very Risky And Dangerous Route Which Was From London To Auckland And Is Now On Record The Longest Flight I Have Performed In My IF Career. Below Are Some Of The Flight Info And Some Pictures, Enjoy!

London(EGLL)- Auckland(NZAA)
Flight Distance: 9950NM
Flight Time: 19:06
Aircraft: British Airways A380
Altitude: FL360

Parked At London Heathrow

Parallel Takeoff At London Heathrow, The Aircraft In the Distance Was A Singapore Airlines 787-10

Nightime Over The Kara Sea

Flying Over Srednekolymskiy ulus, Russia

View Of The North Pacific Ocean

Touchdown At Auckland

Parked At Auckland


Nice! A quick tip for better screenshots is try some different angles and maybe edit them as well :)

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Tip: as @Speedyyy already said, try more angles, try to edit them, and last but not least: try to use freecam. In that way you can discover many angles.

But other than that, great photos


Iā€™m surprised the A380 got that far, nice pics anyway!


Great shots!

How come when I did it, it took me 21:45? lol

Winds and maybe higher speed?
I did NZAA-EGLL but the otherway around cuz better winds and it took 20:41


no thankfully

Probably. I was barley with my device as I took off at like 9:00 PM and landed at like 5:00 PM after school.

i had my fuel tank at 100% and landed with i think 14% of fuel left. at first i thought that this flight was impossible because of fuel reasons, when i did this route it was a miracle, i say that because i had 3 hours of extra fuel i think when i was an hour an a half into the flight