Longest Flight in history at MSLP

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I was just informed of the longest flight to ever land at Monseñor Romero Airport, as we speak the 77W is over the Sea of Okhotsk. I’m not aware of what is on board but due to the President announcing massive vaccination for teachers, as the students prepare to return to school. This is just a hypothesis as I will be waiting on the announcement myself, at the moment I’m putting this down as the longest flight to El Salvador as the current longest route serviced from here is the daily red eye on the Iberia AIrbus 330-300 5,384 mile (8,665 km) non-stop route to Madrid MAD. The flight is currently live on Flightradar24 I will leave the link below if anyone would like to track it at some point. Enjoy your weekend and have safe vacations for those who currently are on holiday.

PS. If this is not on the correct category, feel free to correct me so I can fix it. Also it is confirmed that they are bringing vaccines for the teachers.


Since your topic needs to be approved in order to post in #real-world-aviation, your topic is in the right place!!

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Thanks I submitted and they approved. I was on the correct one lol.

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