Longest Flight I’ve ever had in any flight simulator!

So I’m almost done with the super long haul flight from JFK to OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg! (I will make a stop at Bostwana’s capital airport, Khama Intl, due to fuel reasons) 17 hr flight and over 6,000 miles. I hope I’m allowed to share this with you all, and stay tuned for the screenshots once I’ve landed. I’m going at 0.81 Mach at a altitude of 31,200 feet and just beginning entry into the African coast!

Edit: Just now as I was trying to pause the flight to go to settings on my iPad Pro the flight crashed. Again. It refreshed and now I’m back at the home screen:( what a waste of 13 hours of my time…not to mention just getting my waypoints together. I literally used a 3rd party site for this. None of my other games crash like this.


The upside is Meredith sent you a heart emoji.

Oh well, you removed the picture 😔


Yeah. Too bad:( this pretty much happens all the freaking time everytime I start a flight: I promise I know that I don’t have shut down my other apps on the background because they aren’t games.

Just like Apple recommends all we don’t

Wait I know that was just weird haha

After many posts I read about IF crash with no reasonable origin I’d recommend you guys to do something different: “STOP PLAYING IF FROM AN IOS DEVICE”


Some people prefer Apple, and do other stuff than waste their life on this game, which makes them keep their device. I would say ‘they can’t afford a new phone/device’ but Apple… Sheesh.


Hi there, really nice picture there. That is a real bummer especially after that amount of time, I know the feeling to well. Hopefully you will get to try it some day again.
Happy flying:)

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Nice pic!

Congrats on your longest flight! Feels cool when you end up setting up all the way points and make a long trip :)

How come you didn’t fly nonstop? South African flies JFK-Johannesburg nonstop in real life, and I flew it a few weeks ago in IF. Just curious as to why
Shame about the crash though. I’m on iOS too and I’ve only ever had 1 crash since the update (and it was 2 days ago, guess I’ve been lucky). But I do know how it feels since this crash was after a 13 hour flight


Android gang

In all seriousness I understand how you feel (kind of). There are many times where I spend an hour or two preparing for a flight then setting my device to run overnight only to find out that I have something to do the next day that I need my phone for and end up having to end the flight.


Nah that’s not. Right because I use the newest apple iPad and I’m fine it’s not all apple devices just older ones with less ram

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I almost cried haha, so much time putting all the waypoints, still in denial that this happened xD

During my crash I didn’t have a lot of way points, but it was a 13+ hour flight, I was turning onto final and bam crash


I’m an Apple user and I’ve never had a flight crash… I’ve been playing for 4 years now. 1000+ hours of zero crashes, It seems to me I’m lucky.


Never heard an Android crashed during a flight. This is my point of view and suggestion once no one knows what happens with IOS on IF


Congrats on completing your flight @CyrusThePlane101 - also you might wanna charge your phone :)

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I wish we had an option to resume our flight EVEN if the app crashes. Like the app would save your last waypoint you crossed, that way your time won’t be wasted. It’s highly possible to do this on a mobile platform:)


This would be great to have!

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It’s not all IOS devices, it’s just the old ones. Plus majority of people have the iPhones and android obviously aren’t compatible so what takes 5 seconds for an iPhone takes 10 minutes for any other phone. Finally I don’t know about your socioeconomic circumstances but most of the people on this forum are under 18 thus don’t have loads of money to just stop playing IF on an IOS device and getting a new phone/iPad or buying a new device just for IF. Please be more considerate of other people’s circumstances next time you post a topic/comment. Thanks.

Lets get back on topic please. No more ios vs Android please…